Additional credit cards appear to be increasingly in demand by customers because the benefits of credit cards are judged to multiply as many credit cards are owned. Some people don’t even need to apply to the relevant bank to get an additional credit card. Instead, it is the bank that offers making extra credit cards to customers.

Determining the choice to have an additional credit card is not easy. Although there are some cases the bank provides additional credit cards for customers. That only applies to customers who always pay off their bills. Therefore, you should consider the following points before applying for an additional credit card.


1. There are Extra Fees

credit Fees

One consideration that should be considered by customers in order to obtain an additional credit card is the annual fee. The size of the annual credit card fees depends on what type of credit card is used. The greater the limit, the greater the annual fee. Therefore consider carefully before submitting.


2 Additional Credit Card Limit

Many of the customers think that the additional credit card limit is separate from the main credit card. In fact, an additional credit card is a derivative of a major credit card. That is why the most important requirement that must be met by customers to obtain it is by getting permission from the relevant bank.

Although the charge between the primary card and the additional credit card is separate, the additional credit card limit is tied to the main credit card. Therefore, consider carefully before spending the limit on the main credit card. Frequently check the limit on both cards to avoid over limit.


3. Benefits of Additional Credit Cards

3. Benefits of Additional Credit Cards

Usually the bank offers various advantages of additional credit card ownership. One of the most interesting is the discounts and promos of certain items. Therefore, take advantage of these advantages as well as possible.

Gather as much information about promos and discounts that you get from these additional credit cards. The more information you get, the more items you can have at bargain prices.


4. Need for Additional Credit Cards

You should consider the decision to have an additional credit card well before submitting it to the bank. This is important because ownership of a new card means adding annual fees and interest rates that are not exactly small.

If you are not sure about the decision to make an additional credit card, look for alternative solutions to the problems faced. Do not until when making additional credit cards did not provide any benefits or benefits for financial life.


5. Responsibilities for Additional Credit Card Holders

2  Additional Credit Card Limit

Please note that all bills from additional credit cards will be charged directly to the main credit card holder. So that late repayments that can trigger the swelling of bills due to interest rates that are high enough and the risk of decreasing credit scores that can eliminate the trust of banks must be well considered.

Therefore, make sure that the additional credit card holder is someone who can be responsible with the facilities provided. For example, child or wife. Do not let the use of additional credit cards that are not needed to damage your financial management that is already stable.


6. Financial Ability

Financial ability is the most important consideration as a determinant of your ability to have an additional credit card. If paying bills yourself is already difficult, don’t even think about having an additional credit card. Conversely, if deemed capable, please submit it.


Additional Credit Card Application Requirements

6. Financial Ability

To apply for an additional credit card, you can fill in the “Additional Card” column, which will generally require you to fill in some information and personal data as follows:

  1. Full name,
  2. Place and date of birth,
  3. Phone / mobile number,
  4. Your relationship with that person,
  5. The name of the person’s birth mother,
  6. The person’s signature.


Don’t Apply for a Credit Card Just because of Prestige

Now how many credit cards do you have? Is the credit card sufficient or does it have to be added? Consider carefully before applying for additional credit cards. Don’t apply just because you have a lot of credit cards. This of course would be detrimental, given the nature of the credit card debt that must be paid.